Music at Diversions




The Jewsers are a klezmer band founded in 2002 as part of the Jewish community in Zagreb and is the only klezmer band in the region. Not only have they introduced the Croatian audience to klezmer, but they were also recognized by critics as interesting, innovative and were named one of the best bands in Croatia. They owe their popularity to numerous performances in different music venues, from the Dubrovnik summer games to the B.P. Club, from street performances to the halls of the Croatian Music Institute and a tour of Israel. Their music is hard to describe. They describe their style as global klezmer; a mix of American, Balkan, Middle Eastern and East European klezmer styles with jazz, gypsy music, Croatian folklore, rock and Latin rhythms with lots of improvisation. In 2003 Anubis records published their first album Jewbox.

Mario Igrec – guitar

Mladen Baraković – contrabass

Luka Žužić – piano and trombone

Ozren Tabaković – drums

Melita Lovričević – vocalist

June 10th, KCM, 9:30 PM
Kulturni Centar Mesnička, Mesnička ulica 12, Zagreb



Beyond rivers, valleys and hills in one small neighbourhood four fearless young men met. They answered a call to harmonize grooves and melodies from across the world into a single soul and sound. Under the composer Ante Lučić on the drums, with heavy bass notes from Mislav Beg’s hands, and the tone and sound of Mislav Gruber’s guitar mixed with the genius guitar structures by Stjepan Kulić they form a fusion of science, technology and metaphysics. In other words, a Funk/Rock/World fusion perversion is born - Robostrop & the CEO!

June 11th, Kino Zelina, 10:00 PM
POU Sveti Ivan Zelina, Vatrogasna ulica 3, Sveti Ivan Zelina