Selection Committee




Born in Athens, lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2011. Antigoni Papantoni lives, works, travels, learns and loves through Film Festivals. You can find her at Visions du Réel (CH), Thessaloniki IFF (GR), Athens IFF (GR), Diversions ISFF (HR) and since recently at Animafest (HR). If not, she must be somewhere doing photography, meeting locals and reading on some island or mountain.



Martina was born and raised in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia, the hometown of Diversions. After graduating acting school in Croatia, she started my teaching and acting career in Croatia and co-founded what it once was Kratki na brzinu, the festival of Croatian short films which developed into Diversions International Short Film Festival and where she's part of the selection committee. She just enjoys watching films and has a huge admiration and respect for anyone who ever dared to make a film. As an actor, she has only one thing to do (I know it's oversimplifying), to be someone - a character that helps to tell a story. But those who put all the dots together, the story, the sound, the shots, the whole environment that creates life, she takes her hat off. This year was a really special one regarding the submission. We received films from all over the world and it was such an exploration into the parts of the world she never visited and to see that human experiences respond in same emotions anywhere. Most of all, that no matter political systems, religious constraints, media prohibitions, we all live the same life and we are all on the same string of consciousness!



She was born in 1984 in Porto, Portugal with an exaggerated weight and height, predicting an excessive increase of food load in the family of 5. She was also red-skinned when she was born, but no worries! It was just a sign of one dangerous entity and there was not much they could do about it. They just had to go on with our lives.

She thinned down quickly over the years for her family relief and the space she gained was gradually filled by strange fantasy world which she visited every night and it kept her days bright and worthwhile. This strange world shaped her in a wandering person she is today and who still forgets things, places, dates... It's really the reason for every fault she might have. (Damn those fantasies!)

After floating into the arts and finishing the University of Architecture she flew out of Portugal in 2011 and floated between different countries as an instinctive migrant... with no direction really... In fact... She always believed there should not be a direction to anywhere or anyone, otherwise where the hell is her Guide Book to check for instructions? After some years she finally took some time off for Cinema and with that, she finally dissolved all the ideas that were lacking space in her external mental body that she gained throughout the years. Her mind and imagination had a potent voice now that should be enough to expel fantasies out.

Today, she lives and works in St. Gallen, Switzerland as an Architect and as an independent Director with occasional migrations from time to time just in case a firm direction appears and she has to cross over and reassure herself she's here to wander. There is not much more to be said or written because everything else will overcomplicate the understanding of this already twisted and confusing story which requires time to shape itself and fall in place.